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The exhibition, now named Picturing the Invisible, will be shown at the Museum in March 2019.


Print Commission from the Swiss Graphic Society

For its centenary the Swiss Graphic Society has asked London based artist Paul Coldwell for a special print concerning memory and visual transmission. Coldwell combines in his prints relief printmaking, as one of the oldest printing techniques, with contemporary approaches, such as laser-cut and photo-based imagery. Printmaking is a changing artistic medium, which always considered new technologies. Therefore the Swiss Graphic Society is glad that Paul Coldwell accepted this commission. Not reduced to just technical discussions, this approach encapsulate perfectly the aims of the Society. Since its foundation in 1918, it publishes every year two or three prints by contemporary artists and distributes them to its 125 members. Most of them are private collectors, beside a number of museums. The number of members are limited from the beginning and the members agree not to sell the prints as long as they adhere to the Society. The prints are not available on the open market and therefore excluded of any kind of speculation.

Although at the beginning concentrated on Swiss printmaking or printmaking linked to foreigners with strong links to Switzerland, such as Nolde, Klee or Kirchner, it opened the range slowly after WWII to develop a proper international program from the 1980s onwards. Since then two Swiss artists and a non-Swiss artist get commissions for prints or multiples. Over the past years many important Swiss and Non-Swiss artists contributed to the Society editions, such as Alberto Giacometti (1954), Jean Arp (1956), Dieter Roth (1973 and 1994), Jean Tinguely (1977), Markus Raetz (1977 and 1991), Eduardo Chillida (1979), Meret Oppenheim (1980), Martin Disler (1982 and 1990), Richard Paul Lohse (1982), Bernhard Luginbühl (1983), ar penck (1984), Mimmo Paladino (1984-1985), Georg Baselitz (1985), John M Armleder (1986), Enzo Cucchi (1988), Pat Steir (1993), Katharina Fritsch (1996), Rosemarie Trockel (1997), Lawrence Weiner (1998), Raymond Pettibon (2002), Fischli/Weiss (2004), Christian Marclay (2005), Peter Doig (2006), Atelier (Lucy McKenzie, Beca Lipscombe, Bernie Reid; in 2009), Christiane Baumgartner (2011), Alain Huck (2012), Mai-Thu Perret (2015), Wade Guyton (2017).

Coldwell will be making the print at Camberwell College of Arts, London and anticipates having the edition printed by mid 2018.


Printmaking Today- Printmaker’s Diary

My ‘Printmaker’s Diary’ is featured in the forthcoming issue of Printmaking Today.

Light.Matter: The Intersection of Printmaking and Photography


Light.Matter: The Intersection of Printmaking and Photography –

Grunwald Gallery,
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN 47405
Friday, August 25, 2017, 12:00 P.M. – Wednesday, October 4, 2017, 4:00 P.M.

Symposium: Wednesday, August 23 – Friday, August 25

Reception: Friday, August 25, 6-8pm

Light/Matter is an exhibition curated by Tracy Templeton, Associate Professor in Studio Art at Indiana University; Walter Jule, Professor Emeritus at the University of Alberta and Ingrid Ledent, Professor at the Royal Academy of Fine Art in Antwerp, Belgium. The exhibition will feature up to seventy works by forty-five artists spanning sixteen countries in Europe, North America and Asia.

Beginning in the mid 20th century, the photo print revolution created a new graphic language through the fusion of photographic imagery and analog print techniques that continues to shape global “visual literacy” in the digital age. Light/Matter marks the first time a major museum exhibition has presented groundbreaking works by several generations of artists who have made significant contributions to the photo-print movement. The exhibition will also serve to illustrate the ways in which cultural factors and traditions have influenced the adoption and evolution of new print technologies.

A 72-page catalog will be produced and distributed through the Grunwald Gallery and online containing essays by Professor Emeritus Walter Jule; Alicia Candiani, Director, Proyecto Áce; Hideki Kimura, Professor, Kyoto City University and Associate Professor Tracy Templeton. The catalogue will also include reproductions of exhibited art works and artist biographies. The exhibition and catalogue will provide a panoramic view of one of the most influential and underrated creative movements of the last one hundred years.

Exhibiting Artists:
Margaret Ashman-United Kingdom, Rebecca Beardmore-Australia/Canada
Edward Bernstein-United States, Derek Besant-Canada
Christiane Baumgartner-Germany, Alicia Candiani-Argentina. Briar Craig-Canada
Paul Coldwell-United Kingdom, Deborah Cornell-United States, Jack Damer-United States
Jennifer Dixon-Canada, Steven Dixon-Canada, Karen Dugas-Canada
John Ford-United States, Leslie Golomb-United States, Izabella Gustowska-Poland
Carl Heywood-Canada, Yoshida Hodaka-Japan, Shoichi Ida-Japan
Ryoji Ikeda-Japan, Liz Ingram-Canada, Eva Liisa Isomaa-Finland
Taida Jasarevic-Bosnia Herzegovina, Hideki Kimura-Japan, Guoqiao Kong-China
Vojtech Kovarik-Czech Republic, Janne Laine-Finland, Marlene MacCallum-Canada
Tim Mara-United Kingdom, Akira Matsumoto-Japan, Nils-Eric Mattson-Sweden
Tadayoshi Nakabayshi-Japan, Monika Niewelinska-Poland, Dorota Nowak-Rodzinska-Poland
Tetsuya Noda-Japan, Lothar Osterburg-United States, Darina Peeva-Austria/Bulgaria
Krystyna Piotrowska-Poland/Sweden, Liliana Porter-Argentina, Kuniichi Shima-Japan
Burgit Skiold-United Kingdom, Wojciech Tylbor-Kubrakiewicz-Poland, Donald Wilkinson-United Kingdom, Tadanori Yokoo-Japan, Katsutoshi Yuasa-Japan

This exhibition and symposium is made possible by the New Frontiers in the Arts and Humanities and the College Arts and Humanities Institute at Indiana University.

Prix de Print

I was delighted to be invited to select the Prix de Print for the journal Art in Print. From an open selection, I chose Cooper Holoweski and you can read my account of his work in the current issue of Art in Print (May-June). in the forthcoming issue, I have a review of the exhibition, The American Dream, From Pop to the Present at the British Museum.

Jim Dine

My article, Jim Dine-Printmaking and the Tools of his Trade is published in the current issue of Print Quarterly (June 2017 Vol XXXIV no 2). The article builds upon the platform conversation that I had with Dine at Chelsea College of Arts in November 2015 and explores his relationship with tools both as subject matter and as working implements for his graphic work.

The London Original Print Fair

Royal Academy of Arts 4th-7th May

I will be showing three new prints with Long & Ryle Gallery

ECU Fellow keynote

Convenor: Dr Paul Uhlmann

Hosted by: Contemporary Visual Arts Research Group

“…Imagination is always considered to be the faculty of forming images. But it is rather the faculty of deforming the images offered by perception, of freeing ourselves from the immediate images; it is especially the faculty of changing images. If there is not a changing of images, an unexpected union of images, there is no imagination, no imaginative action.” – Gaston Bachelard, On Poetic Imagination and Reverie

This intense one-day symposium will investigate Bachelard’s notion of forming and deforming images of the imagination in relation to the creative process. We are interested in how images come into being. What is their ontology? How do they change and adapt? How do such images arrive as words or as visual images in art and everyday life? How might such a process be of value to human existence?

At the close of the day please join us to attend the first solo exhibition held in Australia of work by Professor Paul Coldwell Small Traces.

Paul Coldwell is Professor in Fine Art at the University of the Arts London where he is based at Chelsea College of Art & Design and contributes to the CCW Graduate School.

Event details

Symposium – Forming and Deforming Images: The creative process in flux

Date: Monday, 27 March 2017
Time: 9.00am – 4.30pm
Venue: Gallery 25, ECU Mount Lawley Campus, Building 10, Room 10.122
Cost: Free
RSVP: Please register your attendance by emailing symposium organiser, Paul Uhlmann.

Solo Exhibition – Small Traces

This event will be opened by Professor Clive Barstow, Dean of ECU`s School of Arts and Humanities.
Date: Monday, 27 March 2017
Time: 5.00pm – 7.00pm
Venue: Gallery 25, ECU Mount Lawley Campus, Building 10, Room 10.122
RSVP: Please register your attendance by emailing symposium organiser, Paul Uhlmann.

Freud exhibition London

22 February 2017 – 7 May 2017

Paul Coldwell- Temporarily Accessioned: Freud’s Coat Revisited

Freud Museum London


This exhibition is an opportunity to present new work by the artist, Paul Coldwell, twenty years after first exhibiting at the museum in a show entitled Freud’s Coat.â’s-coat-revisited/

To further support this exhibition

The Hope

Susan Steinberg in Conversation with Paul Coldwell

9 April 2017         2pm

The film-maker Susan Steinberg and the artist Paul Coldwell will sit down to discuss her film ‘The Hope’ which is showing at the Freud Museum to accompany Coldwell’s exhibition Temporarily Accessioned: Freud’s Coat Revisited. The film can be viewed on


A Symposium exploring artists interventions at the Freud Museum and beyond

22 April 2017      2pm – 6pm

 This half-day symposium uses Coldwell’s current exhibition at the Freud Museum, Temporarily Accessioned: Freud’s Coat Revisited as a starting point to explore artistic interventions inside and outside the Freud Museum.